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You may won­der how writ­ing on a piece of pa­per gets tran­scribed onto your dig­i­tal screen. It’s all be­tween a pen and a sur­face with a spe­cial kind of sen­sor. In Wa­com’s case, which pow­ers the Len­ovo Yoga Book’s Cre­ate Pad, there’s a chip in­side the Real Pen as well as a mod­u­la­tor and a trans­mit­ter. Once the tip touches the sur­face with the sen­sor, it cre­ates its own mag­netic field and en­ergy — the rea­son why the Real Pen and Wa­com’s other pens don’t re­quire bat­ter­ies or a power source. The sur­face has many an­ten­nae coils, keep­ing track of where the cur­rent is com­ing from. This, in turn, tells your com­puter what to do. Mat­ter of factly, this is Wa­com’s patented tech­nol­ogy called elec­tro­mag­netic res­o­nance, or EMR. It's a great idea when you scrib­ble, doo­dle or sketch some­thing that you’d like to save for later. As How Stuff Works puts it, that’s bet­ter then do­ing it on a piece of pa­per than ac­ci­den­tally throw­ing it, right?

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