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The Legacy and the Future of All-Inclusive

Ali Ozbay, Regional Director of Marketing and Communicat­ions at Rixos UAE, on how the Rixos brand has set new standards for the region


Revolution ixos Hotels has helped drive the of the All-Inclusive concept into a luxury vacation segment. The all-inclusive of today is nothing like what some may recall from the early, unruly days of All-Inclusives, which started popping up on Caribbean beaches in the 1970s with no business model or game plan. Increased demand has spurred competitio­n and resulted in vastly higher quality at every level.

We're a young and dynamic brand; this freshness gives us a unique advantage compared to more traditiona­l brands. We focus on trends that we think would become relevant and execute them before our competitio­n. This might mean a gluten-free corner in our all-day dining restaurant, your very own Netflix subscripti­on in the comfort of your hotel room, or our regular morning S.U.P. rides on the iconic Palm Jumeirah island. It's essential to anticipate what the guest might need or want before the trend even becomes apparent. We believe guests want to engage in experience­s with brands they can resonate with on an emotional level.

We started tailoring our brand prepositio­n to the experience­s that our guests crave, along with the people, things, and ideas that inspire them. Suppose you are into watching a particular Netflix series in the evenings; in that case, there is no reason why you should stop doing that when you go on a holiday, especially when your room comes with cutting edge IPTV solutions.

The key is to stop focusing on the product and anticipate what the guest might expect. Times have changed. While baby boomers were more into traditiona­l luxury hotels, the new generation is looking for something different, new experience­s, or recognitio­n of their personalit­y. For them, a hotel that caters to their lifestyle and moods is the place to be.

Take a look at Rixos Premium Dubai, our lifestyle destinatio­n set apart from our All-Inclusive offerings in the region. It has been trending on multiple platforms since its launch back in 2017.

Rixos Premium Dubai is a unique property combining various lifestyle elements and fashionabl­y presenting them, starting with the majestic lobby with strikingly modern and minimalist design, exuding that trendsetti­ng vibe. The halls serve as the runway for celebritie­s and trendsette­rs, with the constant influx of familiar faces in this 'destinatio­n'. Thousands of them share their holidays on various social channels, adding to the hotel's fame. From Premiershi­p footballer­s and A-list celebritie­s, to the art world's greatest creators and best-selling authors, you can bump into a wide range of well-known figures in this hotel. The guest profile is young and trendy. They stay with us to relax, socialize, see and be seen.

As they say, there is a Rixos destinatio­n for every type of traveller and any chapter in your life. Demanding travellers expect inspiratio­nal holiday experience­s. People want to fill their life with adventures, not things. They want stories to tell, not stuff to show. Convention­al luxury is an element of the past. We present multiple stories to make your choice as easy and joyful as possible.

After much anticipati­on, our first All-Inclusive All-Exclusive resort in

Abu Dhabi will reveal its new secret hideaway this November 2021. Rixos Premium

Saadiyat Island has taken its Executive and Superior Villas line and rebranded as Club Privé by Rixos Saadiyat Island, following Rixos Hotels' successful boutique lifestyle destinatio­ns — Club Privé by Rixos Belek and Club Privé by Rixos Gocek.

We're very excited about this initiative because we're bringing another first to the region — the next level of luxury through private beachfront villas too good to be true. Think around-the-clock butler service, an exclusive dining venue at Club House, ultimate privacy, and the All-Inclusive All-Exclusive experience. Our pride and pleasure ensure that it meets the high expectatio­ns of the sophistica­ted modern traveller through tranquil and inspiring locations, comfortabl­e yet elegant surroundin­gs, excellent food and beverage and most importantl­y, genuine, discreet hospitalit­y in pristine settings. This is Club Privé's very definition of 'Authentic Luxury'. To read the full interview with Ali

Ozbay, head to worldtrave­

 ?? ?? Ali Ozbay
Ali Ozbay
 ?? ?? Aja, Rixos Premium Saadiyat Island
Aja, Rixos Premium Saadiyat Island
 ?? ?? Club Privé by Rixos Saadiyat Island
Club Privé by Rixos Saadiyat Island

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