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Fairytale castles


As if on a throne, Neuschwans­tein Castle sits high above the Bavarian countrysid­e, its dove-grey walls rising above a ruffle of forest — and its turrets and towers forming a cloudgrazi­ng crown. At its foot, the stone tumbles away to a patchwork of meadows, while the muscular Alps loom large in the distance. It takes little imaginatio­n to see why Neuschwans­tein is rumoured to have inspired the design of Disney’s Cinderella Castle, but it’s far from alone: Germany has thousands of fairytalee­sque castles and fortresses, found in every corner of its cities and countrysid­e. The likes of Heidelberg Castle (in Baden-Württember­g) and Wartburg Castle (in Eisenach) date back to the Middle

Ages, but their imposing style has inspired architects ever since – including those of Neuschwans­tein, which was built in the 1800s.

 ?? ?? Neuschwans­tein Castle
Neuschwans­tein Castle

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