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How did the 2015 race season go for you then? Did you achieve your PBs, conquer your demons, smile through adversity and (most importantl­y) brag something rotten every time something went to plan? As I write this we’re nearing the end of August, so I’ve still got a couple of triathlons left in the diary as well as an early-Autumn marathon. By the time you read this mag though, chances are you’ll be sitting back, admiring a stack of newly-won race bling and wondering what the hell you’re going to do to keep yourself sane through the winter months. Well, if this issue has a theme it has to be looking ahead. Our lead feature looks at the sport of duathlon and is packed with tips from pros and coaches, as well as an eight-week training plan. It might be easy just to see du as a poor relation to our sport, or a compromise that’s wheeled out when it’s too cold to mess about in open water and cycle in a dripping lake-sodden tri-suit (try that in December and you’ll soon understand what frostbite is all about), but in fact, the benefits reach much further than that.

Firstly, competing in duathlon means you get to race all year round and keep that competitiv­e edge. It gives purpose to your training, keeps transition skills fresh and discourage­s you from lounging on the settee eating things doused in gravy or custard (although if you’ve kept racing, you’ve probably earned them!). As you’ll find from our feature too, duathlon helps you build strength and endurance and is, in many ways, a tougher sport than triathlon. I’d encourage you to give it a try this year and see just how much stronger you are come the start of the 2016 race season.

On the subject of looking ahead, this issue also begins our coverage of next year’s Olympics and Paralympic­s. The recent Rio Test Events gave a first indicator of what we might expect when GB’s finest take on the course next summer. So from p53 we report from the events, get exclusive feedback from the GB squad and throw in some stats for good measure! So who will your money be on to take podiums at next year’s Games? The countdown starts here...

Helen Webster, Editor

 ??  ?? The Games are afoot! Athletes get their first taste of racing the Olympic
and Paralympic course
The Games are afoot! Athletes get their first taste of racing the Olympic and Paralympic course
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