220 Triathlon



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While they might look like medieval torture devices reproduced­roduced in mustard yellow plastic, the Forearm Fulcrums from California­n swim brand Finis force users too correct their forearm position by keeping elbows high and making the hands enter the water straight. Be prepared to move slowly and awkwardly through the pool if you’re new to these, though, as they take some gettingg used to. Eventually you’ll learn to work with them and the benefits are obvious to those whose hands tend to go floppy when they enter the water. We couldn’t help noticing that, even after numerous adjustment­s, the Forearm Fulcrums put pressure on the forearm due to the up-and-over method of putting them on. It’s quite uncomforta­ble and digs in somewhat, though they’re presumably designed to use in your warm-up/over a short distance with the aim of replicatin­g the action in your main set. With this in mind, we’d argue that the discomfort is bearable for those in serious need of technique correction.

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