220 Triathlon


Don’t burn all your matches in the first leg! Coach and Ironman pro Mark Threlfall has these tips


Don’t waste energy on nerves

For many triathlete­s, the swim is quite daunting – especially if it’s open water and a mass start. Being nervous is a sure-fire way to waste energy though, as apprehensi­on can be surprising­ly tiring and greatly affect your technique. The good news is, you can avoid this by being prepared. The more practice you can get in the open water, the more relaxed and confident you will feel come race day. Try to swim with others in the open water, and get used to swimming in one another’s slipstream. Being able to draft off other swimmers is free speed, after all, and will definitely help your race day endurance!

Pace the swim leg evenly

With the swim being first, it’s important to not burn too many matches early on. This means not going above your target race pace too many times. Instead, you should aim to pace your race as evenly as possible. That said, it can be beneficial to start out a little above your target pace to get some clear water. To help with this, you should include some speed sessions in your training. It’s important not to go absolutely full-gas at the start though, as you will struggle to recover for the rest of the race.

Get your body ready to ride

Having powered yourself around the swim using your arms, all the blood is up top and it can be hard trying to get your legs to work! To help with this transition, start kicking your legs a little harder in the final 100-200m of the swim.

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