If you want a car­bon fi­bre, Shi­mano Ul­te­gra

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disc-equipped bike, this test makes it clear that there are some great op­tions for most types of rider. De­spite weights and ge­om­e­try be­ing very closely matched across two out of three bikes, they feel sur­pris­ingly dif­fer­ent on the road.

When it came to the aero bikes, the Bianchi Aria despatches miles eas­ily with a cul­tured feel and sta­ble han­dling that fat tyres and disc brakes make the most of. In con­trast, the Merida Re­acto Disc feels ur­gent and snappy. In terms of ac­tual speed over a long rolling ride we couldn’t get a de­ci­sive pref­er­ence from our test team, espe­cially once you add price dis­par­ity com­pli­ca­tions into the mix.

But there was one thing ev­ery tester agreed on – the Can­non­dale CAAD12 is bril­liant if you want a bike that lights up ev­ery part of ev­ery ride. It’s not the mel­low or re­lax­ing op­tion, but its ef­fer­ves­cence is per­fect for at­tack­ing short­course triathlon rides. Can­non­dale has nailed the com­po­nent pack­age to add fa­tigue-re­duc­ing tyre float and sure­footed se­cu­rity to max­imise the gains from disc brake con­trol. And it’s done it for an awe­some price, whether you go for this su­per­bike spec or the Ul­te­gra/Mavic sib­ling.

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