The 2017 Breca Con­is­ton win­ner and founder of Real En­durance Coach­ing, Dr. Luke Mose­ley, shares his knowl­edge of the Cum­brian course

220 Triathlon - - START -

The start can be a bit chaotic as it’s a very short 50m run, so take some time with your team­mate be­fore the off, get used to the cold wa­ter and talk through your pac­ing strat­egy, where you’ll en­ter the wa­ter and your nav­i­ga­tion point­ers.

The first four swims, and the runs that link them all, tra­verse Lake Con­is­ton as you grad­u­ally head north. Th­ese early sec­tions will ex­pose any weak­nesses in your tran­si­tion so aim to be smooth rather than fast. Be­fore you start to swim, iden­tify the swim exit and make sure you’re both ready to go.

The se­ri­ous busi­ness starts after the fourth swim, as you set out on the 9-mile run that takes you from Con­is­ton Wa­ter to Lake Win­der­mere. This sec­tion in­cludes two big climbs and can be tech­ni­cal with tricky rocks and off-cam­ber roots. It’s worth tak­ing your time here, as a twisted an­kle or fall can eas­ily hap­pen. There are two check­points on this sec­tion with gels and fluid so make sure you stay on top of your hy­dra­tion.

Once you reach Win­der­mere and dive in for the 900m swim from Bass How, you’ll have ticked off the hard­est part of the race. The three Win­der­mere swims and two runs keep to the western side of the Lake so nav­i­ga­tion is eas­ier, and you have time to fuel up ready for the last se­ri­ous run sec­tion.

This last run is only 4 miles but it’s tech­ni­cal and there’s 200m of steep as­cent to get you up and over the fells be­fore you drop down to the penul­ti­mate swim in Ry­dal Wa­ter. This might also be a good time to use your tether, so the stronger run­ner can help the other up the climbs.

Save some en­ergy for the fi­nal swim in Gras­mere... it’s the cold­est. Once you’re out, there’s just 1 mile of road run­ning be­fore the fin­ish. Make sure you take time to en­joy the run-in with your part­ner – you’ve come a long way together! Next month: Coed y Brenin Off-Road Duathlon on 4 Novem­ber

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