He’s of­fi­cially the fastest Iron­man in the world, and he’s here to share his top tips for the off-sea­son for all abil­i­ties and ex­pe­ri­ence lev­els

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It’s very im­por­tant to take a long break af­ter a hard sea­son. It’s al­ways dif­fi­cult to let some of the fit­ness that you’ve worked all sea­son gain­ing drift away, but it’s im­por­tant. A 2-3 week break is paramount to let the mind and body re­cover. You’ll come back chomp­ing at the bit to build into next sea­son. 2 FO­CUS ON STRENGTH AND MO­BIL­ITY While you take a break from your reg­u­lar swim, bike and run train­ing, you should have a lit­tle ex­tra time to fo­cus on get­ting into a good strength train­ing reg­i­men and de­velop a daily mo­bil­ity rou­tine. Many triath­letes al­low these habits to drift away once the sea­son gets into full swing, so it’s im­por­tant to get back into a good rou­tine.


Many ath­letes think that be­cause they don’t have any races com­ing up, that that’s the best time to train on their own. The off­sea­son is when the big­gest gains can be made! So ei­ther stick with your cur­rent coach or con­sider get­ting some coach­ing ses­sions. A good coach can help you de­velop a plan for the off-sea­son to ad­dress your weak­nesses as an ath­lete. 4 CON­SIDER A SINGLESPORT FO­CUS If you’re hav­ing a par­tic­u­larly long off-sea­son, con­sider a sin­gle-sport em­pha­sis. If you have a weak­ness, or want to make your strength stronger, a four-week block fo­cus­ing on a sin­gle sport can be very help­ful, not only physcially but also men­tally as you switch fo­cus from three to one sports. 5 RE­CON­NECT WITH LOVED ONES Let’s face it, train­ing for triathlon can be very time-con­sum­ing, so it’s re­ally im­por­tant to spend some time with your fam­ily and friends when you’re able to. The off-sea­son is an im­por­tant time to fo­cus on the other peo­ple in your life who may have got the short end of the stick over the last few months lead­ing into your big races. Take this time to re­con­nect with them and make them the fo­cus for once!


The off-sea­son is where you should de­velop a list of things you want to ac­com­plish the fol­low­ing year. This will help you and your coach, if you have one, sketch out your train­ing plan for the fol­low­ing sea­son as well as help give you fo­cus and di­rec­tion in your train­ing.


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