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Use the com­mute to your run lo­ca­tion to warm up. Ide­ally no more than 20mins light jog. This should all feel re­ally easy, so your mus­cles can warm up prop­erly be­fore the ac­tual ses­sion.


If you feel like you want to add some speed, do so. But if you feel like do­ing a rather slow run that’s to­tally fine as well. The key is to re­ally lis­ten to your body and give it what it needs. No need to push through a cer­tain mileage or pace if you re­ally don’t feel like it. Be­lieve me, your next sea­son will be back sooner than you ex­pect and by then you’ll be glad that you’ve taken some time to re­set your mind and recharge fully!

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