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Small gains still mean sec­onds off your PB... How im­por­tant is it to have a car­bon road bike? For a rac­ing bike, a car­bon frame is much lighter than alu­minium, which es­sen­tially means that you’ll have less weight to carry. This equates to a faster ride, al­low­ing you to fly up those hills. For a com­muter or ca­sual bike, a car­bon frame isn’t to­tally nec­es­sary and it may be hard to jus­tify the larger price tag. How do I find the per­fect bike fit with­out spend­ing loads? Height – your knee should be slightly bent when your foot is on the pedal at its low­est point, if it’s straight or locked then your seat is too high. Reach – your arms should have a slight bend in them when on the hoods, you’re reach­ing too far if your el­bows are lock­ing. Han­dle­bars – your bars should be roughly the width of your shoul­der blades, the lower the bars, the more aero, but such a crouched po­si­tion isn’t nat­u­ral and comes with prac­tice.

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