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BLOOD LAC­TATE Lac­tate is a prod­uct of anaer­o­bic gly­col­y­sis. At rest it’s typ­i­cally be­tween 0.8mmol/l and 1.3mmol/l and in­creases with ex­er­cise in­ten­sity, wors­en­ing ef­fects on per­for­mance due to the in­hi­bi­tion of en­ergy pro­duc­tion.

AER­O­BIC THRESH­OLD The ceil­ing to your aer­o­bic base and marked by the ex­er­cise in­ten­sity where blood lac­tate rises above rest­ing lev­els. With train­ing it’s sus­tain­able for long du­ra­tions over 50 miles.

LAC­TATE THRESH­OLD The point where lac­tate ac­cu­mu­lates ex­po­nen­tially in the blood, in­hibit­ing per­for­mance. In very fit triath­letes, this is sus­tain­able for up to two hours. It’s the up­per limit of aer­o­bic ex­er­cise.

VO2 MAX The max­i­mum rate of oxy­gen con­sump­tion dur­ing ex­er­cise, re­flect­ing your aer­o­bic fit­ness.

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