Suc­cess comes from un­der­stand­ing what we do well and re­peat­ing it. Here’s how to progress for 2019…

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For a faster swim you need to pro­duce pow­er­ful propul­sion… here’s the how-to ses­sion

De­vel­op­ing an ef­fec­tive ‘catch’ is fun­da­men­tal to pro­duc­ing pow­er­ful propul­sion through­out the stroke. Com­mon faults at the front of the stroke, in­clud­ing ‘over­g­lid­ing’, press­ing down, drop­ping the el­bow and rush­ing the catch all lead to less propul­sive pull/push phases.

The fol­low­ing drills will sig­nif­i­cantly de­velop a bet­ter ‘feel’ of the wa­ter and a cor­rect high­el­bow catch: ‘Ride the wave’ sculling – side kick wear­ing fins, front arm ex­tended. From the shoul­der let your arm drift down and then back up (same sen­sa­tion as arm out of a car win­dow!); False catch – as pre­vi­ous but bring your lead arm into a high el­bow catch po­si­tion and then ex­tend it back out and re­peat; Dou­ble catch – as pre­vi­ous, but on the sec­ond catch con­tinue into one full stroke to change sides; Sin­gle-arm drill – fo­cus on ro­tat­ing onto your side to fa­cil­i­tate a good high-el­bow catch; Hand pad­dles/fists – aim to achieve the same catch into pull that you have when wear­ing pad­dles.

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