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An eight-week train­ing plan that’s guar­an­teed to make win­ter in­door train­ing fun! No, re­ally!

So we’re in the cold­est, wettest pe­riod of the year. For triath­letes, this can cause havoc as the usual out­door ses­sions need to shelved for safety rea­sons. But, as we all know, mess­ing with our sched­ules sends us into a spin! So when we need to find al­ter­na­tives and train in­doors, we need a plan – cue my eight-week sched­ule that will help you make the most of your time in­doors.

It’s true that as ath­letes we need to ex­pe­ri­ence the same con­di­tions that we might en­counter on race day. But it’s not nec­es­sary that ev­ery sin­gle ses­sion has to be out­doors. In fact, there are so many ad­van­tages to train­ing in­doors that a large num­ber of ath­letes choose this as their de­fault – sto­ries of mul­ti­ple Iron­man champ Lionel San­ders and his mon­ster in­door work­outs are the stuff of le­gend.

When you take your train­ing in­doors there can be no ex­cuses for poor per­for­mance be­cause of the weather, no chance to say your av­er­age speed was down due to high winds! But the key ad­van­tage to train­ing in­doors is that you can ex­e­cute ses­sions ex­actly as they should be done and ev­ery­thing is mea­sur­able – time, dis­tance, speed, power, there’s no cheat­ing it. An added bonus with your bike train­ing is that you don’t need to do a 2-3hr ride as ev­ery pedal stroke in­doors re­ally counts. Con­sider how much time on the road might be spent free­wheel­ing (never mind the draft­ing ef­fect if you ride in groups) – you don’t get that in­doors. As a rough guide you can re­duce the du­ra­tion of your usual road ses­sion by 15-18% and still get the same ben­e­fit. What’s more, the tech im­prove­ments with the likes of Wat­tbike and turbo train­ers mean you can re­ally sim­u­late your own bike set-up.

For this train­ing plan to work, you do need ac­cess to the fol­low­ing fa­cil­i­ties: a pool, an in­door bike of some va­ri­ety, and a tread­mill. For the ma­jor­ity, you’ll need to hit the gym and make the ses­sions count. If you’re new to the gym en­vi­ron­ment then spend a bit of time get­ting fa­mil­iar with the equip­ment and ‘eti­quette’, e.g. it’s best to ask if you can hog the Wat­tbike for 90mins be­fore as­sum­ing that be­cause you’re a triath­lete it’s all yours! And re­mem­ber, when you’ve used the equip­ment, it’s your job to wipe it down!

Dread­ing the thought of train­ing in­doors this win­ter? Join the club! But with our 8-week plan you’ll (al­most) en­joy ev­ery sec­ond!

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