220 Triathlon Magazine - - 2019 STRENGTH PLAN -

Pull-ups are one of the hard­est body weight ex­er­cises to do. To get bet­ter at these, con­sis­tency and build­ing the reps up slowly is im­por­tant in man­ag­ing pro­gres­sion. Mix up the dif­fer­ent grips and hand widths, as these vari­a­tions will help strengthen dif­fer­ent mus­cles in your up­per body. If it’s too chal­leng­ing, use a TRX to mimic the pull-up move­ment. Sit on the floor, arms stretched and point­ing up­wards. De­press your shoul­der blades, ac­ti­vate your lats and slowly pull your­self up from the floor, re­ly­ing on your arms – not the legs – to dic­tate the move­ment.

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