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£49.95 This is the band on test with the least fea­tures so the price was sur­pris­ing, al­though it was was re­duced to £24.95 at the time of go­ing to print. Tap­ping the screen takes you through five dis­plays which tell you the time and date and then steps, calo­ries burnt, dis­tance, in­ten­sity min­utes and per­cent­age of goal reached... and that’s it. So it’s ba­si­cally a watch with a pe­dome­ter at­tached and not a lot else. The app does al­low you to man­u­ally en­ter your sports ac­tiv­i­ties and to log your food for the day (in a sim­i­lar way to My Fit­ness Pal), but given you can get all that for free any­way, it’s not re­ally a ben­e­fit of the watch. Plus, the pe­dome­ter was one of the least ac­cu­rate on test against our con­trol watch. You charge it by pop­ping the pod out of the band which is a neat so­lu­tion. The strap was com­fort­able, though a re­tain­ing band would make it more se­cure.

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