220 Triathlon


Want to get really race fast? Like really fast? Then you need this key off-season speed set…


To swim fast next season you need to train fast. Cue this month’s 60min speed set

Winter training shouldn’t be all long, slow endurance or technique work. If you want to swim faster next season then sometimes you just have to swim fast in training (one session every week or two). Including regular speed sets in your plan can also help keep those winter blues at bay because they’re great fun!

Swimming fast speed sets doesn’t mean ditching quality technique, though. Speed sessions should include drills that encourage faster limb speeds; stroke rate and changes of speed with good technique before you complete some all-out efforts where the focus is just on swimming fast.

You can also carefully introduce the use of fins, paddles, drafting and towed swims in order to encourage ‘overspeed’ swimming. However, make sure that you’re strong and technicall­y proficient enough not to significan­tly increase the risk of injury, and always try and finish a set with unaided sprints to maximise transfer into your full stroke.

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