220 Triathlon



£599.99 The Fenix 6’s feature list is huge, which adds up to a relatively bulky watch (possibly too bulky for streamline­d triathlete­s). Still, if you’re happy to nominally affect hydro and aerodynami­cs – and have the money – this could be for you. A crystal-clear screen relays a host of performanc­e informatio­n beyond the traditiona­ls of pacing, speed and the like. As a snapshot, you have the ClimbPro feature, which details your current and upcoming climbs, the latter particular­ly useful for pacing and nutrition timing; a Pulse O2 sensor, which gauges how well your body’s absorbing oxygen; and Respiratio­n Tracking, which assesses how your breathing rate changes through the day.

Okay, we’re not 100% sure of its tri benefits, but it’s clearly useful for acclimatis­ing at altitude. garmin.com

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