220 Triathlon


£125 New custom eyewear

- MB sungod.co

The Vulcans come in two modes: the TF (top frame) here, and FF (full frame, £150) with the frame extending below under the lenses for added durability. It’s the triathlete­friendly 29g TF that we’ll focus on here, as they provide unobstruct­ed view when on the tri-bars and excel when running. The good vision of Sungod’s debut Pacebreake­rs was let down by a wide space between the lenses and face, but that’s been rectified in the TF mode, which offer a huge amount of facial coverage without any gaps. The big story is the 2mm co-nylon lenses (as opposed to polycarbon­ate), though, which excel in changeable conditions. Custom options include 10 lens tints, eight frame colours and four nose pads. A lifetime guarantee completes the impressive package.

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