220 Triathlon



At the start of the race,

I was very confident that I was going to win, but when it was time to get into the water I got a bit nervous. There were a lot of people and I didn’t know how good they were. Swimming is my weakest discipline as I don’t have a swim coach and there are no swimming pools in [my hometown] Goma, so my only option is to swim in Lake Kivu. Without a coach and proper training facilities it’s difficult to develop my speed. But I knew I’d be able to catch up later in the race so I wasn’t worried about it.

The bike course was mixed with slopes, flat sections and muddy offroad tracks. Right at the start, the course was flat but after a few kilometres it was a steep, sandy climb. I had a lot of advantage on these hilly parts because in Goma we’re used to training uphill, when I hit a climb, I’d catch up with a lot of people who were in front of me. Unfortunat­ely, I fell on my bike and it took me several minutes to recover. I also had a lot of problems with my bike; I’ve never ridden on a mountain bike before and the bike I borrowed was not in good condition. It was missing some parts, like gears! Despite all these problems, I caught up with a lot of people.

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