220 Triathlon



Finally, it was time for running! Running is my favourite discipline and I was well prepared for the course. I’m the captain of my running team, Mangwele, in Goma, and I know I’m a strong runner. I hadn’t had anything to drink during the bike leg so when I changed into my running gear I realised I was very thirsty. I normally don’t drink during a race – especially not a short one – but today was really hot, but then I couldn’t find any! On the first lap I caught up with the guy who was in the lead. The run was a two-lap course and he was already ahead of me after I’d fallen off my bike. But I caught up with him and we raced each other. When I overtook him, he tried to keep up with me but finally he gave up and shouted: “Go, go, go!”

When I crossed the finish line, the winner came up to me to congratula­te me on my running. He said, “You’re a great athlete and if you work on your swimming you can be a great triathlete.” Everyone was so amazed when I told them I come from Congo. They asked me things like, “Does triathlon exist in Congo?” “How did you get here?” I really hope that one day I will compete on the internatio­nal scene as a Congolese triathlete.

Ultimately, I came to

Nabugabo expecting to win but, unfortunat­ely, I fell on my bike and that cost me my victory. I still felt great after the race as it’d been a very good experience. I was the fastest runner by far!

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