220 Triathlon


David Tilbury-Davis, coach of Ironman champions Lionel Sanders and David McNamee, gives his top three reasons why you should turn to tech…


1Tracking progress

‘If you can measure it, you can manage it.’ But there’s always context. Today’s coach needs to have a fine-tuned BS filter when an athlete asks: ‘Should I buy X, Y or Z?’ Tracking progress is vital, but something as simple as a notepad and pencil can be a powerful decision-making tool.

2Train the brain

Training devices can be beneficial for training the ‘supercompu­ter between the ears’. For the inexperien­ced, they can help calibrate effort. For the experience­d they can help constrain effort, so their goals are more readily achieved.

3Educates coach and athlete

Data gives athletes and coaches the ability to ask better questions. There are times where the intent of a workout may be feel-driven over pace/power, but reviewing the data once the session’s done can be highly educative for both coach and athlete.

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