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Q How can I get more confident cycling in wet conditions?

A Feeling confident and being relaxed on your bike is important when riding at speed in the wet, especially on corners and descents. You’ll be much safer and faster if you’re feeling cool.

But the best way to boost your confidence is like with most things that you want to improve – by practising. If you’re unsure, find someone who knows what they’re doing and get them to help you. This’ll help you to realise the limits of you and your bike, and to optimise your speed.

Q When should I use my aerobars in a race?

A If you’re using stubby bars in a draft-legal race, only hunker down on them when you’re on the front. The time it’d take to get your hands from your aerobars to your brakes could be the difference between avoiding a crash and ending up on the tarmac.

And don’t forget to ‘turtle’ when on your aerobars. By shrugging your shoulders and extending your neck, you’ll significan­tly improve your frontal profile. Practise in training.

Q What do you wear under a wetsuit? A It varies depending on your activity and its duration.

During a race, we always recommend wearing a tri-suit. This is because you can wear it during each discipline, it dries quickly, has cushioning for the bike, pockets for snacks and is normally comfortabl­e on the run.

For those who are only looking to do open-water swimming in their wetsuit, you could get away with wearing a swimsuit, swimming shorts or jammers underneath. Again, pick something that’s comfortabl­e, not too tight and won’t digin, as this can lead to rubbing between

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