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£195 The ultimate in post-swim warmth and practicali­ty?


There isn’t a way we can avoid the big confession here – arriving a couple of weeks before the festive break, this posh version of a onesie was pretty much all we wore throughout the holidays. That’s testament to just how good it is though rather than (we hope) being a sign of our slovenline­ss. Swimming in open-water most mornings and then pulling it on afterwards to test, we soon found we didn’t want to wear anything else.

So what’s the spec? Well, designed for ‘getting warm and staying comfortabl­e in the outdoors’, this jumpsuit from Cornish B-Corp company Finisterre screams quality. Made from a sustainabl­e fabric of wool blend with wool and recycled synthetic fibres, it felt very soft against the skin but extremely warm without being sweaty or stuffy. It’s light as well, which makes it feel comfortabl­e to move in, thanks to the breathable and temperatur­e-controllin­g nature of the wool. Other features include a drawcord at the waist to pull the fabric closer to the body, a generous hood and pockets. Stretchy elastic at the cuffs and ankles and a full-length zip made the suit very easy to pull on when cold and shivery, while for this size 12-14 tester the size 14 allowed plenty of room without feeling oversized.

We have to mention the price, which will deter many (note: the black version was on sale at £117 at time of print), but having used this consistent­ly through a chilly December of swimming, we think it’s worth it if you’re serious about your open-water activity. HW finisterre.com

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VERDICT Warm, functional and the cosiest post- swim layer we’ve ever tested

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