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£52 The ultimate in legwear comfort for run and gym?


Most of the products reviewed here at 220 find their way on to these pages due to being new to market and sent in for review. Every now and again, though, one of us buys something that they find so darned good they add it to the mag, such was the case with the Flexa Seamless Run Leggings from bamboo brand Bam.

So what’s the story? Well, these leggings were bought as part of this tester’s (seemingly endless) quest to find a pair of run leggings that are soft and comfortabl­e, that move well and which stay in place over long distances. Being a runner with large hips and a small waist, we invariably find most pairs are either too tight on the legs or need cinching and tying tight to avoid them falling down.

Not so with the Flexas, though, which may just be one of the nicest pieces of kit we’ve ever tried on. Constructe­d in super-soft fabric from 48% bamboo viscose, 47% ‘amni soul eco polyamide’ and 5% elastane they have plenty of stretch, helped by the 360° stretch constructi­on and minimal seams, as well as those ribbed panels. The waist, however, sits high on the natural waistline (even on this long-bodied tester) and didn’t move at all on runs up to 10 miles. We chose a size medium (for a Uk14) and though they only come in small, medium or large, this gives them a recommende­d range from 8-18 across the sizes.

You don’t get pockets so features are minimal and they may be a tad warm come summer (shorts are available too), but for now we’re planning many happy runs in these! HW bambooclot­hing.co.uk

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