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 Type Direct drive Maximum power 2,200 watts Maximum simulated gradient 20% Weight 21.9kg Flywheel 7.3kg Cassette included Yes Noise 61dB


The Wahoo Kickr V6 is the brand’s top-of-the-range model. The V6 replaces the Wahoo Kickr V5, which was released in 2020. Setting the unit up is very easy, especially with the addition of WiFi connectivi­ty. While we’ve rarely had issues with Bluetooth connection­s, a WiFi connection means you should be able to connect to the trainer anywhere in your house that has a reliable 2.4Ghz connection. It also simplifies overthe-air firmware updates. Wahoo includes a cassette and a generously sized power cable, so you shouldn’t need an extension lead.

The Kickr V6 is mechanical­ly almost identical to the V5. Once your bike is installed, the trainer offers a very solid platform for sprints up to 2,200W and gradients up to 20% which is plenty for most riders.

The V6 offers a fantastic ride feel, thanks to its relatively large 7.25kg flywheel. Like the outgoing trainer, it’s also wonderfull­y quiet. Our testing showed the trainer’s power accuracy aligns with Wahoo’s claimed range of +/1%. Like the V5, the trainer features automatic calibratio­n. Notably, Wahoo has stuck with a traditiona­l flywheel design (weighing a hefty 7.3kg), rather than the virtual, electromag­netic flywheel as seen on the Tacx Neo 2T and Wahoo Kickr Bike. This means the Kickr V6 isn’t able to simulate effects such as the accelerati­on felt on descents or varying road conditions, like gravel and cobbleston­es. Not having these features doesn’t diminish the experience hugely, but if you do want a more immersive indoor cycling experience, the Kickr V6 retains compatibil­ity with the Wahoo Kickr Climb and Kickr

Headwind. Although, at £529.99 and £229.99, respective­ly, they’re pricey additions.

The folding support legs mean the Kickr V6 can be tucked in for easier storage, which is useful if you don’t have a dedicated space to leave it set up. However, its substantia­l mass (21.9kg) means you’re on course for a full-body workout if you’re planning to move it around a lot.

In use, the Kickr V6 is very quiet – the majority of the noise generated by riding comes from your bike and its drivetrain. While it’s never been a cheap smart trainer, and a £100 price hike for the latest model doesn’t help that, it does everything you need brilliantl­y and without fuss. uk.wahoofitne­ss.com

“A very solid platform for sprints up to 2,200 watts and gradients up to 20%”

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