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My bedroom is crying out for a buttoned stool to sit at the foot of the

bed. I’ve come across a lot of lovely designs, but they are more like coffee

tables, so I’m hoping you can help me find a slimmer, taller version.

Jennie silver, gloucester­shire

A smart stool can add the finishing touch in a bedroom, as well as providing a very useful extra surface. Neptune (01793 427300, neptune. com) has a design called Rupert that comes in a wide choice of fabrics and leg options, H45 x W125 x D38cm, £360, while Sofa.com (0345 400 2222, sofa.com) has a sleek model named The Buttons (shown). This features tapered oak legs and is available in a selection of materials and colours, H46 x W182 x D43cm, from £340.

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