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To dress their bed, Caroline Latham and her husband have opted for a cosy throw, which has been trimmed with large cotton pom poms. Both tactile and textural, pom poms and tassels are everywhere this season. Large or small they are an excellent and easy way of customisin­g and adding character to plain soft furnishing­s. Whether you use them in a subtle or a bold way, trimmings can add a sense of fun or another layer of luxury to a room scheme. A smaller pom pom trim, bought by the metre, is a great idea for customisin­g cushions, curtains, blinds and pelmets. Have a look online and pick up lots of creative ideas for incorporat­ing this humble adornment.


The Horners have created a unique way of storing some of their favourite cushions by displaying them casually on a vintage luggage rack hung on the wall of their sitting room. Plump and inviting, cushions can pull together all the elements of a room and bring harmony to a scheme. Another ingenious way of showing off your cushions is to display them between the rungs of a simple bamboo or wood ladder. Rope hanging shelves work equally well for this. Alternativ­ely, for a rustic touch, invest in a large wicker basket into which you can throw extra cushions and throws. Or, choose a few cushions related by colour and stack them vertically on a small armchair or corner chair.


A charming collection of pretty plates have been hung on the wall of the von Stockhause­ns’ elegant dining room. This simple yet imaginativ­e idea really helps personalis­e the space. To create an impact, the plates, in harmonious shades of green, have been grouped together to the left of a statement mirror. An understate­d patterned wallpaper adds further visual interest. A pair of large ceramic vases and plenty of fresh seasonal foliage help complete the look. Creating a display with mismatched china can make for an equally interestin­g look. To get the look just right, trace each plate onto some paper and cut them out. Then, use your paper cut outs to work out the arrangemen­t you like best.

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