RE­VIEW: Adonit Mini 4 Sty­lus

How does the Mini 4, an up­date to the Jot Mini, com­pare to its pre­de­ces­sor?

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Artist Re­bekka Hearl takes a look at the mini ac­ces­sory from Adonit

Small, por­ta­ble, with an in-built clip and com­fort­able grip feel, it’s easy to tell even at a glance that the Adonit Mini 4 is built for con­ve­nience. its strong in­built clip, car­ried over from the Jot Mini model, al­lows users to at­tach the pen to shirt/bag pock­ets in full con­fi­dence it will stay put. this light­weight sty­lus is al­ways at hand right when you need it.

though the pre­ci­sion disc may look pe­cu­liar to those who haven’t used them be­fore, this ap­pendage gives the Mini 4 an edge over com­pet­ing brands, as it both en­sures pre­ci­sion and pro­vides a pro­tec­tive layer be­tween your de­vice’s touch­screen and the sty­lus’ nib. While in use, the disc re­sponds to changes in sur­face an­gle with sat­is­fy­ing smooth­ness, en­sur­ing com­fort dur­ing use.

the Pro edi­tion of the Mini 4 comes with ad­di­tional padding on the disc, as well an etched grip to en­sure com­fort while writ­ing.

Artists and writ­ers will no doubt ap­pre­ci­ate the sty­lus’ clear pre­ci­sion tip, which makes it easy to see ex­actly where the sty­lus is mak­ing con­tact with the screen. With no need to worry about bat­ter­ies or Blue­tooth con­nec­tion, writ­ing feels seam­less and nat­u­ral. the Mini 4’s small stature makes it a per­fect fit for smart­phones; at a max­i­mum length of 125.9mm, it’s a good fit for most cur­rent medium-sized phone mod­els. How­ever, users would be ad­vised to avoid us­ing it on tablets any larger than the ipad Mini; the in­creased sur­face area re­quires greater ef­fort on the user’s part, and may re­sult in hand cramps. Ad­di­tion­ally, if you are a per­son with large hands, you may not find the Mini 4 very com­fort­able to hold at all, and would be bet­ter off with the Pro model.

the only caveat to the Mini 4’s pre­ci­sion tip is the sty­lus’ lim­ited 45 de­gree writ­ing an­gle; this is fine for tak­ing notes, but re­duces ease of use while sketch­ing. Be­ing forced to hold the pen at a high an­gle while draw­ing is un­com­fort­able and lim­it­ing. if you’re in­ter­ested in a sty­lus to be used for draw­ing or 3d work, you’re bet­ter off look­ing into Adonit’s Pixel mod­els, which of­fer use­ful ex­tras like func­tion but­tons, and su­pe­rior pres­sure sen­si­tiv­ity pre­ci­sion.

But if you need a sty­lus to be on hand for jot­ting down notes and memos, and don’t mind its lim­ited func­tion­al­ity, look no fur­ther than the stylish and af­ford­able Mini 4.

Re­bekka Hearl

While the pre­ci­sion disc may look pe­cu­liar to those who haven’t used them be­fore, this ap­pendage gives the Mini 4 an edge over com­pet­ing brands

MAIN The flex­i­ble disc tip re­sponds to changes in sur­face an­gle on the fly; write or draw at which­ever an­gle you are most com­fort­able with

ABOVE The screw cap clev­erly en­cases the Mini 4’s pre­ci­sion disc within its alu­minium cas­ing. As­sem­bly is easy, so you can start writ­ing quickly

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