3D Artist - - SIGGRAPH 2018 -

If you’re look­ing to achieve more GPU ren­der­ing power, then look no fur­ther be­cause Pixel Plow has you cov­ered

With two dif­fer­ent farm types in the form of CPU and GPU, Pixel Plow will en­able you to scale out ren­der­ing from scenes mak­ing use of Red­shift, V-ray RT, Cy­cles, Proren­der and more.


The V3 Pixel Plow agents all en­able smart, farm-side caching of job data. This pre­vents re-up­load­ing any file that was pre­vi­ously up­loaded to the farm, even if it came from a dif­fer­ent user.


Pixel Plow has de­ployed all of the com­mon ren­der ap­pli­ca­tions and en­gines, and is al­ways look­ing to sup­port more. Be­yond that, many less com­mon soft­ware tools are de­ployed. All de­ployed soft­ware is listed pub­licly on their site, so you can see what they have run­ning even be­fore sign­ing up.

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