Good­bye Poly Counts: Why you should use For­est Pack and Rail­clone

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The beau­ti­ful, sun-bathed city of Cadiz on the south­ern coast of Spain is redo­lent with his­tory, and home to one of the best known car­ni­vals in the world. It’s not some­where you’d ex­pect to find the head­quar­ters of a com­pany on the cut­ting edge of in­stanc­ing and scene as­sem­bly tools in 3ds Max, but that’s where itoo Soft­ware be­gan and where they’ve grown for al­most 20 years.

Itoo Soft­ware have one stated goal – to make life eas­ier for artists. Their pro­ce­dural tools are de­signed to re­move lim­i­ta­tions. Too many poly­gons? No prob­lem, For­est Pack and Rail­clone al­low you to use a nearly lim­it­less num­ber of ob­jects. Com­plex pro­ce­dural model to cre­ate? No sweat, Rail­clone re­moves the tech­ni­cal bar­ri­ers associated with para­met­ric work­flows and opens up their po­ten­tial to a new gen­er­a­tion of artists.

For­est Pack and Rail­clone play an es­sen­tial part in the pipe­lines of ma­jor ar­chi­tec­tural vi­su­al­i­sa­tion, gam­ing and VFX stu­dios in­clud­ing ILM, LUXX, Scan­linevfx, Blur and more. These stu­dios come for the in­stanc­ing power but quickly re­alise the ben­e­fits of an ad­vanced fea­ture set that’s per­fect for fast and easy scene as­sem­bly.

Ac­cord­ing to Sergej Eich­mann, CG su­per­vi­sor at Blur Stu­dio, “For­est Pack is the ul­ti­mate set-dress­ing so­lu­tion. Whether you need quick generic set­ups or com­plex show spe­cific cre­ations – For­est Pack has re­li­able, easy-to-use tools that can han­dle any­thing.”

Don’t be fooled by the name ei­ther, For­est Pack has many more uses than scat­ter­ing trees and plants. Chris­tian Haas from Stuttgart-based LUXX Stu­dios de­scribes For­est Pack and Rail­clone as their “se­cret weapon”.

For ex­am­ple, on In­de­pen­dence Day 2, LUXX used For­est Pack to scat­ter and an­i­mate Kinect mo­tion-cap­tured peo­ple to gen­er­ate the huge crowds of up to 500,000 peo­ple seen dur­ing the pres­i­dent’s speech. “For­est Pack en­abled us to han­dle a crazy amount of char­ac­ters, in­clud­ing end­less vari­a­tions in ge­om­e­try, an­i­ma­tion and colours, but also eas­ily con­trol the crowd for spe­cial ac­tions like stand­ing up in time or start­ing to clap.”

LUXX’S lat­est full-length an­i­mated fea­ture film, Manou the Swift, re­quired them to cre­ate a de­tailed 10km x 10km model of the French city of Nice for ae­rial ren­ders.

This huge area re­quired only 60gb of RAM to ren­der in about 30 min­utes per frame.

Ac­cord­ing to Chris­tian, “This is pos­si­ble due to For­est Pack, this great tool han­dles tril­lions of poly­gons in a scene and we could fly along the cityscape and up to the hills with­out need­ing to re­work the scene.”

But don’t take their word for it, try it your­self by tak­ing the free Lite ver­sion for a spin, or read more on itoo Soft­ware’s web­site:

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