What makes a stu­dio one of the top 100 best com­pa­nies to work for…


niel Ven­ter, lead VFX artist

“So if you had to ask me what the one thing I love about the place, [my an­swer] is ac­tu­ally the peo­ple. Some of the most ridicu­lously tal­ented peo­ple are here. So the thing that made me come to this com­pany in the first place was that I looked at this guy’s con­cept art and I said, ‘Wow, I wanna make that!’, and I came here to do that. That project went a [long] time ago al­ready, but it’s still there – that thing where I go, ‘Oh, I wanna make that!’. You can’t do that stuff by your­self, you can’t have all the ideas, you can’t learn all the pro­gram­ming. You can do only this here, be­cause in a dif­fer­ent com­pany you can do what they do, it won’t be Splash Dam­age – and I can’t quite give you the essence of what it’s like, but it is dif­fer­ent. I’ve worked a lot of dif­fer­ent places – and I’m not say­ing it’s bet­ter or worse – but it has a very spe­cific feel to it. It’s very much a com­mu­nity, it’s not just a job.”

an­gelo Dal pre, lead artist

“I can give a non­pre­ten­tious an­swer: cool prod­ucts and cool peo­ple. That’s it for me. So, you are work­ing on some­thing that’s ex­cit­ing while work­ing along­side peo­ple who are very skil­ful, very tal­ented peo­ple that also hap­pen to be very nice as well.”

erol Kentli, lead artist

“The amount of free­dom that we get here as a com­pany. We’re do­ing our own thing, and pretty much every­body here un­der­stands all the way up that we do need to keep be­ing cre­ative. The peo­ple on the shop floor – the artists and the de­sign­ers or what­ever – they all want to get their kick out of mak­ing re­ally cool games, be­cause we all want to make games, we ended up do­ing this job be­cause we want to make games. So we’re all brought into the fact that this place is try­ing to make cool games, and it’s handy from a mar­ket­ing point of view to make some­thing dif­fer­ent rather than a clone of... what­ever the [next big] thing might be.”

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