Abraão Se­gundo

Co­nan, 2018

3D Artist - - THE PIPELINE -


Abraão Se­gundo has been work­ing as a char­ac­ter artist for more than seven years, for games, films and nowa­days col­lectible ac­tion fig­ures.


Zbrush, Maya, Arnold, Mari, Sub­stance Pain­ter

Learn how to

• Cre­ate a char­ac­ter’s size for

a phys­i­cal ren­der in Maya • Work with pro­por­tions and


• Work on topol­ogy for as­sets

in­side Zbrush

• UDIM tex­tures in Maya

• Rip fab­rics in Zbrush • Cre­ate masks in­side Zbrush • Groom hair us­ing Xgen • Ren­der ba­sics with Arnold • Blend shaders

• Light

• Work on post-pro­duc­tion • Cre­ate ba­sic shaders

with Arnold


This con­cept is from the amaz­ing artist Phroilan Gard­ner. I’m a huge fan. This Co­nan con­cept is awe­some be­cause we can see the pro­por­tions and strong anatomy, which are key fea­tures for a good char­ac­ter model.

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