Av­er­age day of a chal­lenge

Se­nior en­vi­ron­ment artist Jon Arel­lano takes us through a day of work­ing on an Artstation Wild West chal­lenge

3D Artist - - THE PIPELINE -

8.15am: I start my day by get­ting ready for work. 9.45am: Ar­riv­ing at work, I be­gan set­tling in by check­ing emails and mes­sages. 10am: Browsed on Pin­ter­est and Artstation for in­spi­ra­tional im­ages. I also checked out the lat­est sub­mis­sions in the Wild West Artstation chal­lenge. 10.45am: Went over my daily work tasks and at­tended the morn­ing meet­ing with the other de­part­ments. 11.15am: Put on some mu­sic and re­sumed my project – this week cre­at­ing mod­u­lar as­sets for el­ven-style build­ings. 1.15pm: Went out for lunch and for a cof­fee. 2.15pm: Con­tin­ued work­ing. 7pm: Ended the work day and headed home. 7.30pm: Ar­rive home and re­lax for a bit. Played some games and watched some Net­flix. 8.20pm: Took my evening nap to get some rest. 8.40pm: Woke up and went out to grab some din­ner. 9pm: I went to go hang out with my friends and then I con­tin­ued to work on my own sub­mis­sion for the Wild West Artstation chal­lenge. 9.15pm: I start my nightly work ses­sion by check­ing my evening tasks on Trello. I no­ticed it was time for my weekly progress post. Thank­fully I achieved my weekly mile­stone of com­plet­ing the rocks for the scene. 9.40pm: Started by open­ing up my Un­real project, to im­port my tex­tures and meshes I cre­ated for my rocks. After, I opened up my white room level and be­gan plac­ing my rocks in a small scene. 11.20pm: Be­gan tak­ing some screen­shots for my next sub­mis­sion up­date. 12am: I be­gin to add my new as­sets into my ac­tual scene. I made sure that all of my block­out meshes were re­placed with the new ones. I did no­tice that my tiling tex­tures needed some ad­just­ments. 12.30am: I opened up my Sub­stance De­signer file and went back and forth from Un­real mak­ing re­fine­ments. 1.20am: Went back into my mas­ter ma­te­rial for my rocks and then I made a few more changes and ex­posed a few more pa­ram­e­ters. 2am: I got my rocks look­ing bet­ter and de­cided to re­visit my white room level that I set up pre­vi­ously to ren­der my rocks. After some tweak­ing around I added other plants and meshes I made to em­bel­lish the rocks a lit­tle more. 2:45am: Fi­nally got some ren­ders I’m happy with. I de­cide to put them up on Artstation for my weekly sub­mis­sion. 3am: De­cided to call it quits for now and try to get a few hours of sleep in be­fore work. Pretty solid day for a chal­lenge.

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