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Stylis­ing a char­ac­ter’s fea­tures might be a dif­fi­cult task when the shapes are not clearly rep­re­sented. Some­times try­ing to fig­ure out what the next step is or what to change based on an overly smoothed and rounded sur­face can be tricky since the light tends to cre­ate a much more sub­tle re­sult, pre­vent­ing us from recog­nis­ing land­marks. That’s when the Clay Pol­ish tool comes in handy. By crank­ing sharp­ness up and then ap­ply­ing it, the once smoothed sur­face turns into a faceted one. As a re­sult of that, eas­ier com­par­isons be­tween the ref­er­ence and the sculp­ture can be made.

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