Mar­tyn Cul­pitt talks about cre­at­ing the crea­tures that ap­pear through­out the New York se­quence

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The car­riage in­tended to ex­tra­dite Grindel­wald to eu­rope is pulled by six Thes­trals, skele­tal Pe­ga­sus crea­tures that are in­vis­i­ble to all that haven’t wit­nessed death. “We ini­tially re­ceived a scan from the first movie,” re­calls Cul­pitt. “We re­built the model and topol­ogy, then added more de­tail. The cam­era gets quite close, so we spent some time read­just­ing the look dev.” es­sen­tially Cul­pitt and his team needed to make sure that the Thes­tral’s felt like ema­ci­ated horses with wings.

“Bat wings were our main ref­er­ence,” he says. “in the end we cre­ated six of them, with sub­tle dif­fer­ences. it was also a chal­lenge to fig­ure out the size and scale of them and how they’d fly as a group.”

im­age en­gine also cre­ated the Chu­pacabra, a six legged, sharp-toothed crea­ture that Grindel­wald keeps as a pet. “Within the MACUSA cells we have the Chu­pacabra chained up and we made it so he ac­tu­ally has a muz­zle on like the Han­ni­bal Lecter muz­zle,” laughs Cul­pitt. “ini­tially we had about four shots of him and by the end we had over ten, the film­mak­ers re­ally wanted the Chu­pacabra to be­come a big­ger part of the film. He’s a fun char­ac­ter, so we made quite a bit out of him, es­pe­cially swim­ming in the wa­ter.”

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