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to make your veg­e­ta­tion scat­ter­ing more re­al­is­tic and ran­dom, use the trans­for­ma­tions set­tings in corona scat­ter. set dif­fer­ent amounts for el­e­ments trans­la­tion, ro­ta­tion and scale. you can use the corona dis­tance map to keep paths, roads and the area around houses clear of plants and trees. to make it work cre­ate sim­ple ge­om­e­try – shapes where grass should not grow, and add the shapes to the node in­put and as­sign near and far dis­tance in corona dis­tance map set­tings. don’t for­get to set the map to dis­tri­bu­tion scat­ter­ing set­tings.

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