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For the plants in the scene you can cre­ate your own tex­tures from scratch us­ing pho­tos taken on the lo­ca­tion. shoot as many dif­fer­ent sam­ples as you can: leaves, bark, flower pe­tals. an­other way is to gather leaves and scan them, but you prob­a­bly will not be able to scan the bark of a tree. For both meth­ods you need to edit the im­ages in Pho­to­shop be­fore you can use it in 3ds max. cre­ate dif­fuse tex­ture, crop­ping your pho­tos if nec­es­sary. use the trans­form tool to align lines and shapes. af­ter that, make tex­tures for re­flec­tion, bump and opac­ity. you will get unique tex­tures for your close-ups ren­ders.

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