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Don’t shy away from man­ual so­lu­tions. When work­ing on a shot spe­cific ef­fect, it’s usu­ally less time con­sum­ing to find a man­ual so­lu­tion than a pro­ce­dural one, and it of­ten ends up look­ing bet­ter any­ways! Try to set up man­ual tweaks in a way that won’t break if the in­put data changes. De­form us­ing generic ge­om­e­try, and group or delete based on con­sis­tent at­tributes. Aim for 90 per cent pro­ce­dural, 10 per cent man­ual. clearly mark any man­ual ed­its in the net­work so they can be quickly checked when in­puts are up­dated. Man­ual an­i­ma­tion is a pow­er­ful tool to work around mi­nor sim­u­la­tion is­sues.

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