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A Bedfordshi­re classic Porsche specialist for a number of years, and steeped in earlier 911s. Offers sales and servicing/repairs. Our consultant for this Buyers’ Guide

- By a stone chip.’ Robin’s business, Auto Umbau Porsche, has its own re-galvanisin­g equipment, incidental­ly.

gone down the cheap road and had their wheels diamond cut and lacquered,’ Robin reveals. ‘These will decrease the value of the car as they will not last, because corrosion will soon attack the lacquer and tarnish the aluminium.’


Unsurprisi­ngly a 930 rusts in the same way as a 911 Carrera. Check the bottom of the door catch plates (or B posts); if you see bubbling, rust is present. The front wings rust around the headlamp bowls and at the bottom of the front windscreen. Check the inner wings by lifting up the boot carpet.

Look out for accident damage. ‘Most 930s will have been to a bodyshop at some point, but there are good and bad repairs’ Robin points out. ‘The first thing to establish are which panels have different shades. Reds are especially bad for this, and the only solution is to re-spray the whole car.’

These cars were factory galvanised, so stay away from those that have had a bare metal respray, is Robin’s advice. ‘If they are sanded to bare metal the zinc layer will have been removed, making them more prone to rusting if the paint is broken


Well cared for interiors look good and smell right. ‘The driver’s seat side bolster will take the most damage, as a result of the driver getting in and out,’ Robin observes. ‘Thereafter, look at the things people touch the most – the steering wheel, gear knob, door pull handles and pedals.’

The seat bolsters are also prone to cracking if the leather has not been treated over the years. ‘Be aware that some seats have been painted to make them look good for a short while, but ultimately the paint collects dirt much quicker and wears off, making the seat look worse than ever,’ Robin warns.

Leather dries out – it should be soft and not feel like cardboard. The door cards and door pockets can suffer from water damage, normally caused by shrinking window seals and door membranes being damaged. Head linings deteriorat­e, especially if the car has been smoked in, and replacing this is expensive as it is a windows-out job.

Security systems are a nuisance, Robin feels. ‘The alarm fitters are to blame for wrecking dashboards and interiors by drilling holes everywhere to fit LEDS, and removing trim and not putting it back properly. And most electrical problems are caused by poor alarm installati­on, where bad soldering has caused high resistance or a break in the wiring.’

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