The term‘en­thu­si­ast’ cov­ers a broad range of Porschep­hiles – at one end of the scale is the proud owner of a su­perbly-main­tained ex­am­ple of the­mar­que, while way out at the other end of the spec­trumwe find the likes of Phil Jarvis – a pas­sion­ate col­lec­tor

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Phil Jarvis and his eclec­tic col­lec­tion of Porsches and VWS

Phil Jarvis has been pas­sion­ate about cars since child­hood and, as a teenager, he pur­chased his first car – a bright yel­low VW Bee­tle. Of course, like most teenagers that grew up in the ’80s, he loved the styling and sound of the leg­endary Porsches of the era, but the price tag was a bit strong for a 17-year-old, hence he opted for the bud­get VW op­tion. The VW thing was more than just a flash in the pan, though, and Phil went on to mod­ify and tune var­i­ous old Volk­swa­gens over the years. To­day he still owns a bevy of his favourite VWS, in­clud­ing a beau­ti­fully re­stored Aussie-im­port Split screen Camper, a ’58 Bee­tle, a su­perb ’52 Split win­dow Bee­tle and per­haps the wildest of all his clas­sics, an ex-fire ser­vice Split screen van, which he drag races. It’s no slouch, ei­ther…in fact, it’s cur­rently the sec­ond- quick­est Type 2 in Europe and is ca­pa­ble of smash­ing most su­per­bikes on the quar­ter mile! The 2387cc 4-cylinder mo­tor runs We­ber 48IDA car­bu­ret­tors (ma­chined out to 51.5mm) and, thanks to a 180hp shot of ni­trous, it cur­rently pushes out an im­pres­sive 467hp, which has pushed it on to an 11.422-sec­ond quar­ter mile at 117mph. To put this into perspective, the GT3 makes sim­i­lar power (500hp, nat­u­rallyaspi­rated etc) and will hit 60mph in 3.4sec­onds (Pdk-equipped), while Phil’s VW van hits 60mph in just 3.01-sec­onds! Phil told us, ‘The mo­tor is cur­rently be­ing re­worked and I’m hop­ing to be back on the track in the spring, hope­fully set­ting a new Euro­pean record, too.’

Now, you’ll prob­a­bly have no­ticed that there are some early Porsches in these pho­tos, and also some pretty rare historic VWS, too. And this is what we love about Phil’s pas­sion – it cov­ers ev­ery­thing from pure vin­tage right through to mod­ern sports and col­lec­tors’ cars. When he’s work­ing in Lon­don, Phil might choose his 996 Turbo to make the trip from his home­town of Al­brighton in Shrop­shire a fast and fun jour­ney. And then, at the week­end, he could be drag rac­ing his VW van, or even tak­ing his wartime Sch­wimmwa­gen out for a drive in the coun­try (and a dip in the river, too). Phil is all about en­joy­ing his cars, and we love that he makes the most of them all at ev­ery given op­por­tu­nity. Af­ter all, a wartime Sch­wimmwa­gen is an incredibly rare ve­hi­cle these days and many col­lec­tors would con­sider this to be a mu­seum piece. Not Phil – he loves noth­ing more than putting it to work, and has even met up with other like­minded Sch­wim­mers to cre­ate a flotilla of these su­per-rare and historic ve­hi­cles! Phil com­mented, ‘I’m not what

you’d call a wartime col­lec­tor or any­thing like that – I’m just a fan of all things VW and Porsche, and wanted to know more about the engi­neer­ing and work­ings of the vin­tage fore­run­ners to the clas­sic air-cooled, rearengined cars’. He con­tin­ued, ‘Plus it’s pretty cool to drive a car into a river or roll through the town with a de­com­mis­sioned ma­chine gun on the back of your ve­hi­cle!’

When we vis­ited Phil to pho­to­graph his re­stored 912 (more on this car shortly), he asked ‘Would you like to see the 1943 Kü­bel­wa­gen?’, which he promptly fired up and drove out of the work­shop. It’s not ev­ery day we get the chance to en­joy look­ing around such a rare ve­hi­cle, and it was great to learn that Phil’s ex­am­ple was fully road le­gal and ready to roll. Of course, the guns are all prop­erly de­com­mis­sioned, and the grenades were repli­cas (!), but that doesn’t de­tract from the fact that this thing turns the heads of fel­low road go­ers like noth­ing else!

Phil ex­plained, ‘I’ve owned a few 356s in the past, but I fan­cied ei­ther an early 911 or 912 hence, when my friend, Steve Walker, of­fered me his Us-im­port 912 at a de­cent price, I snapped it up’. The car is a ’68 model and, when Phil picked it up, it was the typ­i­cal ex-cal­i­for­nia project, i.e. run­ning and driv­ing but a lit­tle rough around the edges and in need of some TLC.

Phil ex­plained, ‘My buddy, Paul Lip­pett, and I stripped the car back to a bare shell, which was then handed to Andy Finch of Spike’s Vin­tage Restora­tion in Es­sex to be stripped, re­paired and re­painted.’ He con­tin­ued, ‘To cut a long story short, once stripped back to bare metal, the body turned out to be in great con­di­tion, re­quir­ing only a few mi­nor re­pairs be­fore it was ready to be re­fin­ished’. What fol­lowed was ex­actly what SVR is famed for – a show-qual­ity paint job. The process in­cluded epoxy primer, high-build primer, plenty of block sand­ing, more primer and fi­nally the Porsche Blut or­ange (the orig­i­nal Tan­ger­ine colour) base, which was clear-coated and buffed to per­fec­tion.

Phil tackled the me­chan­i­cal over­haul and the painstak­ing re­assem­bly of the car at home, while An­thony Ward at Dub­hol­stery han­dled the in­te­rior re­trim.

The car was orig­i­nally sup­plied with steel wheels but Phil sourced a set of 14-in Fuchs (the ‘com­fort’ op­tion), which were hand-pol­ished and de­tailed by his friend, Buzz Adams. Fit­ted with pe­riod-cor­rect Avon tyres, they look great on this su­perbly re­stored 912.

Phil told us, ‘I pur­chased a turn-key 1720cc mo­tor from Kar­mann Kon­nec­tion, which pro­vides a lit­tle ex­tra pep, but oth­er­wise it’s mostly fac­tory-spec through­out.’ The end re­sult is per­haps one of the nicest 912s out there, and a trib­ute to Phil’s ded­i­ca­tion.

Phil joked, ‘I re­ally like this car but I re­cently took it to a show where it was parked near an al­most iden­ti­cal tan­ger­ine 912, which made me won­der if it’s per­haps a lit­tle too ‘nor­mal’ for my taste!’ He con­tin­ued, ‘But don’t worry, I’m not about to mod­ify this one…’ in­stead he’s keep­ing an eye for an early Out­law 911 to join the fleet!

Speak­ing of Out­laws, it’s the ’58 356A, which stands out as per­haps the most strik­ing car in Phil’s col­lec­tion. Phil has owned this car for sev­eral years and, until

Phil is all about cars and mak­ing the most of them at any given op­por­tu­nity

re­cently, it was essen­tially a stock look­ing car, which had been painted red at some point in the past. Phil had en­joyed driv­ing the car for some time but de­scribed it as ‘an older restora­tion, which was need­ing a lit­tle TLC here and there.’ And so, hav­ing been im­pressed with the qual­ity of work pro­vided by Andy Finch and his team at SVR when restor­ing his 912, Phil handed them the 356 and asked them to ‘freshen it up’ for the sum­mer. How­ever, as is so of­ten the case, one thing led to an­other and be­fore long the ‘freshen up’ had be­come a to­tal over­haul. Yes, an­other bare metal re­paint, and yet an­other straight body to start with… Phil cer­tainly knows how to pick a good project. With just a few small issues on the sills and the bot­toms of the doors to fix, the car was soon prepped for paint. Phil ex­plained, ‘I had asked Andy to paint the car in a fac­tory hue known as Turk­ish red but then I stum­bled across a car whilst surf­ing the net one evening and I fell in love with the colour.’ The colour in ques­tion is from the 1955 model range and is called Ter­ra­cotta.

The rac­ing stripe was added to break things up and to make the car look as unique as pos­si­ble. Add to that the black­painted steel wheels with white let­ter­ing on the tyres and the slightly low­ered ride height and things re­ally start to take shape. We love the lit­tle de­tails such as the blank­ing plates cov­er­ing the bumper iron aper­tures – these also mean that Phil can re­fit the bumpers in the fu­ture should he choose to.

Phil com­mented, ‘I’ve driven it to a few Euro­pean meet­ings so far but I’ve also had a few me­chan­i­cal issues…oh, and an en­gine fire, too!’ A mis­fire led to the car cough­ing back through one of the car­bu­ret­tors and set­ting fire to the af­ter­mar­ket foam air-cleaner but, for­tu­nately, Phil had a fire ex­tin­guisher to hand and man­aged to catch it be­fore things got out of hand. How­ever, the me­chan­i­cal issues in­clude the de­struc­tion of the gear­box whilst tun­ing the car on the rolling road, which pretty much ended the 2017 sea­son for this car. The good news is that the gear­box has been fully over­hauled and is back in the car now, and the en­gine is run­ning (and look­ing) great, hence Phil is wait­ing for the 2018 show sea­son to start as he’s itch­ing to get this Out­law back on the road and to have some fun with it. Keep your eyes peeled for this (or any of his cars) at a show near you! PW

Phil cer­tainly knows how to pick a good project

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