What’s hap­pened to the fol­low up to Porsche’s first­mid-en­gine GT car?

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It was pre­cisely three years ago that Porsche pre­sented both a new GT3 RS and the then new Cay­man GT4. As we go to press, and un­less Porsche pulls a last-mo­ment fast one on us, this time it looks like the new RS will be a launch loaner. So what’s the sta­tus of the next GT4?

Web­fora and ru­mour web­sites are full of spec­u­la­tion. Noth­ing is cer­tain, but de­vel­op­ment mules with a com­bi­na­tion of 718 styling and GT4 cues – in­clud­ing an ag­gres­sive front end and large rear wing – have been pho­tographed at var­i­ous Porsche fa­cil­i­ties. How­ever, per­haps the best in­di­ca­tion that there is an­other GT4 com­ing comes in the form of com­ments made by Porsche’s GT di­vi­sion boss, Frank Wal­liser.

To cut a long story short, Wal­liser told web­site Sportscar365.com that a new GT4 racer would ar­rive in early 2019 will a lit­tle more en­gine power and bet­ter aero. The crit­i­cal bit? That the fine de­tails on both of those points de­pend on what the ‘street car’ ver­sion of the new GT4 will bring. As for the pre­cise na­ture of that en­gine, Wal­liser has pre­vi­ously gone on record say­ing the GT di­vi­sion would not do a four-cylin­der car. So a flat-four GT4 isn’t on the cards. What­ever the fi­nal spec, the good news is that a new GT4 is com­ing. It’s just a mat­ter of when.

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