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Per­haps you should have used me as a case study for your £50k 911 story in the lat­est 911&PW (March 2018). That was my bud­get ex­actly and although I had my sights on a 997, I was sur­prised to see early 991s within – or at least very close – to my bud­get. Nat­u­rally the 991 was added to my shop­ping list.

While I have had a 997 be­fore a few years ago, I had never driven a 991, but had taken on board the var­i­ous opin­ions, which seem to re­volve around its rel­a­tive size and the fact that it's per­haps more of a GT than a sports car. Time to find out.

If I was go­ing to have a 991, it had to be a man­ual. Try find­ing one of those! Even­tu­ally I tracked down a 991 C2, with a man­ual 'box. Cer­tainly it's a big­ger car on the in­side, which is a good thing in some re­spects, but not a real driver for me. More of an is­sue was the ex­ter­nal di­men­sions and width. All of of a sud­den the

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