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Many thanks for print­ing my let­ter last month ( Sell­ing out, March 2018). Ob­vi­ously when I tapped it out on my key­board, I had no idea that clas­sic Porsche stal­wart, Seume, had jumped to the dark­side. The ac­com­pa­ny­ing pic­ture of him stand­ing in be­tween El Chu­cho and his new Cay­man came as a quite a shock. In­deed, I felt let down. As I said in my mis­sive, 'have we not all shared this jour­ney with the man?' and now he re­pays us with this, a mod­ern, wa­ter-cooled Porsche. Hell, it's not even a 911.

OK, my tongue is slightly in cheek. Like I said, I'm an in­vet­er­ate tin­kerer and pro­jecteer and I've been fol­low­ing Keith's an­tics for years, not just in Porsche mags, but VW mags, too (I'm not a stalker, hon­est). But, af­ter the shock of it all, maybe he's right. The time, the money, the ef­fort and for what? I'm ques­tion­ing my project mo­ti­va­tion and it's all your fault, Seume. I haven't been in the garage for weeks now. Sure it's cold in there and I'm wait­ing for some parts, but the doubt has set in.

So, what I'm hop­ing is that this is all just a dal­liance, a flash in the pan, the Em­peror's new clothes and that you'll soon get bored with mod­ern Porsche mo­tor­ing, flog the Cay­man and get back in the garage. Deep down, though, I fear that you may be right... Henry Al­lan, via email

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