We don’t just write about Porsches, we drive and live with them, too Pete’s try­ing to look for­ward, but it’s a strug­gle. Here’s hop­ing for a pro­duc­tive 2018, where he can fi­nally get to work on the 911 projects and get them back on the road

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For a start, this year needs no more projects! My new name is Project Pete. You may only see three Porsches here but I have a few other so called projects: Three Mk1 Golfs and three VW T25 vans, so if my projects al­ways seem slow ( you could say that! Ed) that’s due to the amount of work I have to do to get any­where. My pri­or­ity this year is to get my garage built so I can house the Porsches, and to relieve my­self of some of the other cars, to give me time to fo­cus on maybe three cars and not nine!

It’s go­ing to be an up­hill strug­gle and I hope by the sum­mer the garage will be in place ready for some much needed tlc on the cars. Yes, I know I have three air-cooled cars and I will get round to them I promise, and as Paul Davies will tell you in a few pages’ time, he has the only (Uk-based) road le­gal air-cooled run­ner. So this has given me some­thing to work to­wards see­ing all the wa­ter run­ning through these pages (although the 3.4 does run, it’s just not ‘road le­gal’ as they say).

I’m look­ing to push on with Project Back­date as that has the least amount of work to do, although I will be re­mov­ing the coilovers and go­ing back to tor­sion bars as I just can’t get them to work and the grief is just too much. I can’t see any gains over the tor­sion bars, apart from, maybe, the ride height, but I’ll look into that.

I’ll also get my brother to work on the 356C. He needs to start weld­ing in the floor and fix­ing up some of the bad welds. It’s (po­ten­tially) all go. PW

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