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I en­joyed the £30k Porsches fea­ture in the Sept is­sue of 911&PW. It had a cer­tain ring to it as I've re­cently traded in my 1994 968 Cabrio for a 2015 981 Boxster 2.7 (slightly more than £30k). Here I must con­fess to the ac­tions of a cer­tain Mr Seume in go­ing modern did have a cer­tain bear­ing on my think­ing...

In fur­ther praise of the modern £30k op­tions, I would sug­gest that the Boxster and the Cay­man in your test are far less likely to in­cur an owner any im­me­di­ate costs, whereas the older cars (and hav­ing just parted with one) will need con­stant up­keep, so the £30k is prob­a­bly just the start of the cost with the older cars.

The per­for­mance and han­dling of the 981 is just so smooth com­pared with the 968 and that's be­fore con­sid­er­ing modern ac­ces­sories like heated seats, cruise con­trol, air con, park as­sist, DAB ra­dio etc, that the older cars do not have. David Bar­nett Ted­ding­ton

Steve Ben­nett replies: Yes, David, but the older cars have char­ac­ter! And as for the ac­tions of Mr Seume? I guess in modern par­lance, that makes Keith an 'In­flu­encer!' Porsche will be de­lighted. And in terms of costs? Let’s see how the PDK fault code that's just flashed up on Keith's Cay­man’s dash pans out! More on that in the next is­sue, I'm sure.

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