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If your Porsche has air-conditioni­ng (and it works properly) you’ll have been glad of it in the last few weeks. But once the cooler weather returns don’t simply switch it off and forget about it until the next heat wave, as that’s the best way to store up trouble. Seals dry out and contract when the system’s off for a prolonged period, and may leak when it’s switched back on.

And if your system isn’t working, take the car to an air-con specialist rather than somewhere offering just a re-gas. An expert will tell you if it is in fact just a re-gas that is needed, or if something is wrong. Air-con can be expensive to fix – 911 twin condensers come in at around £850 fitted – but a specialist will tell you if the problem is a lesser one, such as these condensers, which are vulnerably placed low down in the car’s nose, being blocked up with road dirt.

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