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Bilstein dampers were fitted as standard to many of Porsche’s classic models – and still are, of course – but you might not be quite as familiar with the springs shown here (right), made and supplied by Eibach. And probably not with the same company’s new range of anti-roll bars.

Springs first. The set featured here is what the company calls a Pro-kit, suitable for most road-going 964s: C2, C4, coupé, Cabriolet and Turbo. (Many other Porsche models are covered, too.) It offers a 30–40mm reduction in ride height at the front, and 30mm at the rear. The springs are made from hightensil­e silicon-chrome-vanadium steel, and subjected to extensive testing to ensure optimum reliabilit­y. Each item goes through a pre-stress load process, during which it is fully compressed after being wound into a coil, in order to avoid future sagging. It is then ground and shot-peened before being finish-coated for longevity. Part number of the kit shown here is E7201-140, and it retails for £304.68 plus VAT.

The two anti-roll bars are from Eibach’s new Classic range, manufactur­ed at its own factory in California. The front bar, 25mm in diameter, is a hollow tube that offers a claimed 40 per cent weight reduction against any comparable item, and two-position adjustabil­ity. The solid rear bar is also 25mm in diameter, and again offers two-way adjustabil­ity. The fitting kit supplied includes the relevant drop-links and other necessary items. The part number is E40-72-003-01-11, and the retail price £303.31 plus VAT. The rear bar can also be bought on its own for £135.66 plus VAT. Part number for that is E40-72-003-001-10.

All of these items are available from Eibach dealers around the UK – of which Center Gravity is one – and the rest of the world. To find your nearest, simply go to Google or the alternativ­e search engine of your choice. For more informatio­n on the bushes call Superpro Europe Ltd on 01823 690281, or go to superproeu­rope.com. For more informatio­n about Center Gravity call 01827 718800, or alternativ­ely go to centregrav­ity.co.uk. (And yes, those subtle spelling variations are both correct.)

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