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Great to see a Cayenne on the fleet in 911&PW. These big buses are such bar­gains now, and a won­der­ful way to get around. Even bet­ter to see that it's be­ing run by Mr Banger­nomics him­self, James Rup­pert. I've en­joyed James's work over the years and greatly en­joyed his books, in par­tic­u­lar: The Ger­man Car In­dus­try: My part in its vic­tory.

I've al­ways been a great ad­vo­cate of his 'The­ory of Banger­nomics' largely be­cause in or­der to keep some­thing ex­otic and clas­sic in the garage, my daily run­about has to be some­thing cheap and cheer­ful. I'm not sure that quite ap­plies to the V8 Cayenne, but like James, I couldn't re­sist at just £5k for mine. I will be in­ter­ested to see how he gets on in fu­ture re­ports.

Fi­nally, while my Cayenne doesn't have the seem­ingly op­tional SUV/4X4 doggy whiff (see Cayenne run­ning re­port in 911&PW is­sue 296), I did once have a Dis­cov­ery that suf­fered from a ca­nine pong. It was sorted with a Dakota Car Odour Bomb, widely avail­able on­line and from Ama­zon. John Richards, via email

Steve Ben­nett replies: Yes, John, we’re de­lighted to have both a Cayenne and ‘Banger­nomics’ man, James Rup­pert, on the fleet. We hope that both your Banger­nomics Cayennes are a good buy, al­though the ‘Projects’ pages do rely on some me­chan­i­cal in­trigue for in­ter­est, just not too much! What­ever, it’s cer­tainly go­ing to be an in­ter­est­ing ride.

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