BOXSTER RS 60 SPY­DER * 2008 ‘08’ * 52,940 MILES £21,995

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The ubiq­ui­tous Boxster is the most demo­cratic Porsche: £4000 buys a us­able if slightly doubt­ful el­derly ex­am­ple, twice that can net you a de­cent 3.2, while ten times this sum finds a nearly new four-cylin­der 718 with the con­tro­ver­sial if bal­lis­tic flat four turbo. This Tried & Tested con­cerns it­self with a ten year old 3.4 priced at roughly half that: the RS 60 is an­other of Porsche’s spe­cial edi­tion mod­els, this one mark­ing the end of the 987.1. It is based on the Boxster S, but with a cat­a­logue of ex­tras – sports ex­haust, PASM and the 3.4 tuned to 303bhp; the cabin has leather up­hol­stery in­clud­ing ven­ti­lated sports seats, sil­ver-grey seat belts to match the largely blem­ish­free GT Sil­ver body­work, au­to­matic a/c and cos­metic touches which in­clude RS 60 door thresh­olds, a unique gear­knob and de-cowled in­stru­ments. There is also a fa­cia plaque to in­form you that this is no.1476 of 1960, the num­ber cho­sen to com­mem­o­rate the 1960 718 RS 60 racer. Be­sides the spe­cial paint shade,19 inch wheels, here shod with al­most new Goodyear Ea­gles, are stan­dard and the front spoiler is slightly deeper; a decade on this Boxster is for sale for half its orig­i­nal re­tail price.

A four-owner car first sup­plied by PC Wilm­slow, PC Sus­sex car­ried out ser­vic­ing in 2010, 2012 and 2014; an in­de­pen­dent garage un­der­took this in 2016 and ven­dor Crid­fords has just per­formed a ma­jor ser­vice. As is this ven­dor’s mo­dus operandi, it has also car­ried out re­me­dial work re­new­ing brakes (and fluid), re­placed the ex­haust flange bolts and a clutch spring; the non-func­tion­ing a/c was re­stored with new ra­di­a­tors and hoses and the coolant hoses, though not fail­ing, were re­newed at the same time. For the same rea­son, the hood ca­bles which tend to stretch were also re­placed. So this newly fet­tled Boxster is ready, you might hope, for an­other 50,000 miles.

The blue-grey leather cabin is im­pres­sively fin­ished, a distinct im­prove­ment on the 987’s usual black plas­tics. The in­te­rior has worn well, the only wear be­ing slightly frayed stitches on the driver’s seat. Com­pared with the 981 cabin the 987 feels quite in­ti­mate and if the con­trol panel on this gen 1 car looks rather dated, the con­trols are un­worn and ev­ery­thing works. The 3.4 fires with a pleas­ant bur­ble, the clutch im­me­di­ately feels right and the gearshift is still pleas­antly taut (987-997 ca­bles can stretch mak­ing the shift feel loose). Once warmed up the RS 60 re­sponds en­thu­si­as­ti­cally to the driver’s right foot. The steer­ing is nicely weighted and has that de­light­ful but dif­fi­cult-to-de­scribe or­ganic feel com­pared with the elec­tri­cally driven racks of later Porsches. The ride is firm and no rat­tles or squeaks spoil the im­pres­sion of a well main­tained ex­am­ple with seem­ingly noth­ing to re­proach. It does have the very last of the M97 en­gines, but these seem to cause lit­tle trou­ble. “It’s the gen 1 Car­rera S that fails,” says Jonathan Leach. “We have three in bits now, but I don’t ever re­mem­ber hav­ing to dis­man­tle a gen 1 987. With a ten year old car, there are al­ways things you have to watch which is why we did the coolant pipes and the ex­haust flanges.” Not strictly nec­es­sary, but good pre­ven­tive main­te­nance.

The Boxster is ubiq­ui­tous and there are plenty of younger ex­am­ples cheaper than this one. The RS 60 is, how­ever, slightly spe­cial and nicely equipped: it is not dif­fi­cult to imag­ine a buyer some­where ready to spoil them­selves with this one. A wor­thy spe­cial edi­tion, for a change. PW

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